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re: Season Long League Championship Thread-apalooza
looks like UPT and bluebaracuda both dont have owners, which one will i be pickin up?

sidenote: any of yall wanna play some fifa 13 on 360 my gamertag is chickman1313

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re: Season Long League Championship Thread-apalooza
Read this. It should cover pretty much everything.


Ok, you can take over cwil's (UPT's) team and rename it however you like.

Everything is done in the league thread (huge 100+ page thread).

We use the same scoring as the EPL fantasy site for simplicity. The OP contains the league rules (made by WarSlamEagle - the commish of the other league), but it is possible that some of the rules are outdated or do not apply.

You set a roster each week (there are 36 game weeks, so you play each team four times) and score your own points. You can start any reasonable lineup. You need one starting goalie, three to five defenders (most teams use three), three to five midfielders, and one to three forwards. A 3-4-3 seems to be the most common for fantasy soccer.

You nominate one player to be your captain and his points are doubled. You will also nominate a/r vice-captain, and he will get his points doubled if your captain does not play. Also, pick one sub from your bench in case someone does not play. However, your sub has to replace a player that keeps a logical formation. For example, if you used a 3-4-3 with a forward as a sub and had a midfielder not play, then you could not sub him in, since a 3-3-4 is not allowed.

Use the EPL fantasy site for help. It allows to score your players, find free agents, and keep track of your team. Sign up and make a team in there if you do not already have because it really helps.

Just yesterday, I realized that you should add your TD fantasy team to your watchlist because then you can instantly keep track of it and score it way quicker. Check out my bolded post near the bottom of page 103.

The OP has a lot of details, most notably the EPL player stats, editable league table, and editable roster. Generally, I have been updating these documents (and Mick helps as well), but they are open to everyone.

Use the roster spreadsheet to see if a player is owned before claiming them. Waivers are first come, first serve (this was a lengthy preseason debate) that open Wednesday at 8:00 am CST and close Friday night at 11:59 pm CST. (This week is different because of the midweek games). Rosters need to be set before the first game kicks off and an unset roster means that the roster from the previous week is used.

You can trade between teams. Just a guess, but I would assume trades only happen during the time to freely add and drop players.

I think I hit everything. Feel free to ask any questions. It should not be too complicated. You may want to check out the OP and the last few pages of the thread to get the flow of scoring and posting rosters and shite. My lengthy post on page 99 is where we decided to make a move to replace the deadbeat owners, so that may be a good place to start reading.

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re: Season Long League Championship Thread-apalooza
Chickman --> Welcome aboard. Stay active here, its a fun league and really cool imho. Ive learned tons of players that Ive never even heard of so it even makes the shite games on fsc on the weekends decent to watch because I know a few of the guys.

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