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I doubt Neal gets his 4th. Rivals watched Neal destroy numerous 4 stars in multiple camps this summer and refuses to give him his 4th star.

Rivals is too caught up on potential and doesn't give due to a low down football player.

Diarse and Neal are exactly that. A football player, period. They aren't combine freaks.
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A few replies up, a poster said he heard someone call in to the Rivals radio network and ask about why so many Bama commits get huge bumps. The Rivals guy replied that it was because Nick Saban puts so many players in the NFL.

So basically, what I got out of that was that, if you commit to Bama, your personal athletic potential to play football professionally automatically increases. It doesn't matter if 10 Jack LBs are signed in one class and only 2 sniff the field. Those other 8 still have a better chance to play professionally than any LB in the country.

Last time I checked, Les puts his fair share of guys in the league as well. By that same logic, guys like Neal should get their fourth star just based off where he signs with.

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