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re: Monte Kiffin Will Leave USC For NFL Comeback, Will Coach Bowl Game

He seems OK, but his defensive prowess doesn't translate well (Tampa 2) to the college game.

^This. The Tampa 2 takes a lot of time and discipline to get down right. NCAA practice limitations make it difficult for college defenders to learn it properly.

I remember back when LSU hired Chavis, certain Vol Sabanocchio...told us Tiger fans that Monte was an upgrade over Chavis. A big upgrade.

Fast forward five years later. Monte is now "resigning" from USC, and 99% of all LSU fans would cry crocodile tears if The Chief were to leave Baton Rouge.

The reasons are simple...LSU's defense under John Chavis has improved at least in some measure every year. We've never seen linebacker play as good as we're seeing now at LSU.

The Chief's first year at LSU saw an improvement of more than eight points less per game given up than under the co-coordinators.

Conversely, Kiffen's defenses, at both Tennessee and USC, declined from the previous year every year, with the possible exception of 2011.

There are college coaches and pro coaches, and coaches that can do both. The ones that can do both are successful at adjusting their gameplans to fit their players, rather than the reverse.

Kiffin is solely a pro coach, and that's where he should have stayed IMO.

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re: Monte Kiffin Will Leave USC For NFL Comeback, Will Coach Bowl Game
Well the kids aren't good enough...and obviously with the practice time and scholarship depth USC wasn't practicing tackling.

Tampa 2 is fine in theory...USC was getting to the ball carriers/receivers but they simply couldn't make the tackles in space and cover the field - get to the open receiver that the deep cover man is supposed to have. USC was in position against Oregon...they just couldn't make any plays.
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