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re: Stern Fining Pop is Ridiculous
I just never heard of people flying home ... They are part of a team for a reason. Sit on the bench like 99.9999 of every NBA player

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re: Stern Fining Pop is Ridiculous
Who cares. The team is a bunch of professionals that loved playing Miami to the end with their backups. They are probably happy with how everything turned out. That's a dream come true for a few of those guys that will never be in that situation again.

You/People are overreacting.

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re: Stern Fining Pop is Ridiculous

Isn't the point of sports to win? No one should be "forced" to play, but why the frick are you a pro athlete if you don't want to play.

Because winning a regular season game in November isn't winning in the NBA?

Honestly unless you can do better than 72-10 no one gives a shite what your regular season record is. If the Spurs think resting, against s team with 4 days rest and having played 3 games in btw that, is the best option who is Stern to say differently.

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re: Stern Fining Pop is Ridiculous
I'm in the minority here but I agree with Stern. What's to stop fans from asking for discounts or refunds because the star players are not attending the game because they're too tired.

Miami is a bad example because they have multiple superstars, but lets say Pop does this for a Bobcats game. You paid top dollar for a ticket because you wanted to see Tim Duncan. Now you find out he's not playing because he's too tired. This is what I think Stern is trying to avoid.

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re: Stern Fining Pop is Ridiculous

Hey Stern want teams to take these games seriously? Shorten the season

Either that or get rid of the back-to-backs on road trips.

San Antonio did this same thing last year, in the middle of a long winning streak no less, due to the compressed schedule and Stern didn't say "boo" at the time because the teams they sat against were ones like the Jazz, not the Heat.

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re: Stern Fining Pop is Ridiculous
I doubt this would even be an issue if they were playing a bottom-tier team. It's the Spurs, it's not like one game will really make the difference in the standings unlike a team fighting for a playoff spot the end of the year.

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re: Stern Fining Pop is Ridiculous
Thought this would be the first time something like this has happened, but it isn't.

NBA/Stern fined the 89-90 Lakers $25k for sitting Magic and Worthy in the final game of season. Riley wasn't too happy about it.

"I have an obligation to our management," the Lakers coach said Tuesday."I decide who the heck I want to play."If (the league) is going to start getting in the way of who I want to play and when I want to play them, maybe they ought to come out here and put on the coach's shirt themselves . . .
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re: Stern Fining Pop is Ridiculous
I would have to imagine that the reason Stern has stepped in on this has to do with TV higher ups complaining. They pay a lot of money to broadcast these games and when teams start sitting their superstars ratings go down.

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re: Stern Fining Pop is Ridiculous
Since when has anyone cared about watching the Spurs play other than Spurs fans. Everyone finds them boring.

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