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re: New Case for PC Gaming Build.


Yessir, im sure it will take me a while to get it all hooked up. I watched all the videos on newegg about building one.

1hr and a downy can have it put together.

Not that hard really.

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re: New Case for PC Gaming Build.

Just ordered my prodigy case and asrock z77 mitx mobo

This will probably be my build after its all said and done

- i5 3570k with h80/100 cooler
- ASRock z77 mITX motherboard
- 2x8gb 1600 RAM
- Sapphire vapor-x 7970 or asus matrix 7970 (whichever one gets in stock and has the better price)
- Bitfenix Prodigy, White
- Seasonic x650 (that I will finally be able to sleeve since it's fully modular and not semi like my corsair hx750)

I'm ditching my little old optical drive to open up some more space, and I sold 2 of my HDD so I could take out one of the 3.5" bays. I still havent decided if I'm going to get a 2.5" drive to replace my 3.5" because the prodigy has the really nifty 2.5" ports in its side door so I can remove all of the 3.5" bays to have a lot better airflow

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