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re: Delinquent student loans surge in Q3

Good call. My gf and her sister were both communication majors. Gf interned with ESPN, FSU's sports marketing program, AND had 15-20 video segments air on sunsports (big sports network down here).

Her sister finally got a newspaper job after 2-3 years of looking. My gf could have had a full time job, but like you said, she would have made absolutely nothing.

Good luck on grad school

It's a different field these days.

I remember about 7 years ago when I was still in high school my hometown paper, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, seemed to have about 20 writers for the sports page alone. Had 2 high school writers, 3 college writers, 2 for each professional team, NASCAR writer, horse racing writer, general columnists, etc. Used to be jobs plenty in the field.

Now my same hometown newspaper only has about 7 writers for the sports page on staff. One for the Rangers, 2 for the Cowboys, 2 various columnists, and 2 editorialists. No more writers for the Mavericks or Stars, no more high school writers, no more NASCAR or golf or horse racing writers.

Lots of downsizing.

Newspaper is a dying field, but its the same in radio and TV too. Heck when I interned at ESPN Radio everyone in the studio except the executive producers and talk show hosts were part-time. Even the show producers, board ops and Sports Center update anchors were part time.

I got offered by ESPN Radio out of that internship, but it was a part time 20 hour a week job that I turned down because of an internship I got in California that ended up being a big dead end.
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re: Delinquent student loans surge in Q3

It's a different field these days.

Definitely. Even full time bloggers/writers are barely making 20-30k/year.

Not to mention that you also have to compete with older, laid off workers that have 20+ years of experience on you.

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