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re: Delinquent student loans surge in Q3

No one in my major that I graduated with(graduated May 2011) has found a full time job in our field.


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re: Delinquent student loans surge in Q3



Always wanted to be a sportsbroadcaster, but every place I have applied told me I do not have the voice, which is true. My voice is relatively high pitched and not very smooth. I interned at ESPN and Fox SPORTS too

But even if I could get a minor league baseball position as a broadcaster, I am making about $20k a year.

Other positions in the field such as production or camera work are done on a freelance basis, not a full time basis, unless you are producing/directing for a major sports team or on an A-team crew for ESPN. But to land those jobs you have to start as a freelancer making about $125 a job. Even if you worked 5 games a week(unlikely) its only about $25k a year.

It's possible to pull off if you have no student debt

I have seen the writing on the wall and am going to grad school to get a masters.

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