Delinquent student loans surge in Q3 |

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re: Delinquent student loans surge in Q3

I admit I have defaulted on 2 loans, but my monthly payments combined is $1800 a month.

I only make about $45k a year combined on my 2 jobs, plus helpng my buddy with Christmas lights so making money on the side with that too.

Even at $45k a year you can not spend $1800 a month on student loans, its impossible.

I took the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace course, and there I learned to pay the "four walls" first, your housing/food/clothing/gas, and then whatever you have leftover to put toward your debt. I don't have enough leftover after my necessities to pay for the $550 and $700 a month payments, so I had to default.

But I am not going hungry or going homeless to pay a student loan. That goes against Dave Ramsey's "You pay yourself first" principle.

However, I am not on my knees looking for the government to bail me out. I signed the dotted line, picked a shitty major, and I am responsible and no one else. And I have intention to pay it back. Not having intention to pay it back is stealing. I am just trying to work my way up so I can pay them all. I am still paying the loans I can afford.

I am about to go back to graduate school as a grad assistant, so I can put my loans on deferment and not incur any more education costs.

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re: Delinquent student loans surge in Q3

If only more had this type of attitude we could possibly dig ourselves out of this mess.

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