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re: American Horror Story


And that's what I like about it so much. The creative opportunities are endless and it will never have to be stale

Which is exactly why i wanted them to make each season its own thing so hard when season 1 was coming to a close.

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re: American Horror Story
Eh, Broke may disagree

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re: American Horror Story
season 2 spoiler below (for anyone not caught up)

well, OP, judging by this thread and the fact that it's pretty split on which season is better and no one bad mouths either means the show is pretty good.

i missed season 1 and am hooked on season two.

i'm currently going back and watching season 1 (on netflix now) but am only an episode and a half in. i'm enjoying it too.

i actually like the fact that season 2 isn't as supernatural and focuses more on the darkness of actual people. because of that, i don't like the alien angle. which they could've pulled off as some kind of psychoisis until arden pulled that thing out of kit.

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re: American Horror Story
I just finished season 1, definitely worth the watch.

It's flat out addicting and the most original and well written tv show I've ever seen. There's literally nothing else like it

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re: American Horror Story
I thought the show started out good and kind of scary/disturbing, but quickly evolved into a soap opera with a ghost theme. The final episode is complete shite too


The climax of season 1 was the second to last episode, and the last one is painful with the whole episode devoted to scaring a new family out of the house.

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