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re: Customer Mauser 98 info -- Update page 3

I saw a similar ad in a local "Penny Saver" type publication. I had the same questions as everyone else here. Don't see how a gunsmith could make ANY money on the deal, espcially since the ad I saw quoted a price as low as $300 EACH. Here's the ad:
"Cusotm built mauser rifles for sale, all calibers. If I don't have what you want in less than 2 weeks I can build it. Calibers 25.06, 30-06, 257 Roberts, 22.250, 300 Winchester short mag. Mausers-all for $300 each, any caliber, individual $350.(318) 461-5529, (318) 933-8222"

Who wants to be the first one here to call?!

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re: Customer Mauser 98 info -- Update page 3

For model 98's????

No wayyyy

A surplus 98 will run north of 300 bucks for one with a decent barrel.

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re: Customer Mauser 98 info -- Update page 3

Well i called this number on the add (dont know if its the same as my brother told me though).

Older gentlemen in Gloster, with a machine shop behind his house. Still sounds too good to be true lol.

-Any caliber from a 22 swift to a 416 rigby
-prefab SS barrel (i didnt write down the manufacter).
-laminated walnut stock (usually does thumbhole, but can do a straight stock.
-action and bolt all high polished to like new condition.
-Nothing over $400.

He has about 5 already built. I'm going to go look at them this afternoon hopefully. Will report back.

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