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re: Official Planetside2 thread


Cert acquirement feels a little slow. Some of the weapons cost 1000 certs... a bit ridiculous imo

The idea is to keep you playing the game, and hopefully buying Station Cash, for 2 to 3 years.

I personally think this game is EPIC.

There is no other FPS that comes even close to this experience.

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re: Official Planetside2 thread

Yes this game is mind blowing fun. rolling lastnight with the Goons on NC Mattherson. 15 tanks and looking at a couple sundies as well, pan up and see multiple gals and reavers all in one big wave hauling arse to the next base to eff up some vanu and TR.

I am SERIOUSLY considering subbing to this game to get the bonus exp and station cash. I have only dropped 10bux so far.

I am going to main an engineer i think. I love dropping ammo, repairing stuffs and dropping a turrent and unloading on fools.

I also Certed the Sundy so that it can deploy and be spawn point.

I am looking for recommendations for weapons to unlock on the sundy besides the basic. i am thinking the grenade launcher for infrantry and something for Armor.

What are you guys investing your cert points in ?

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