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re: Official Planetside2 thread
this is one of the games that has me contemplating investing in a gaming pc. how much of a rig am I looking at to play this game... $1200? from what I've read it takes a pretty big system.

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re: Official Planetside2 thread
Had this discussion earlier on another forum.

Built a PC back in August for a little less than $1000 (now the parts look to be less than $800).

I bought an i5-3570K Intel CPU ($219)
8 GB of DDR3-1600 RAM ($40)
a GB AMD Radeon HD 7850 vid card ($190)
and an SSD "Drive" to install it on. I only went with a 64 GB drive, enough for windows and this game with about 10 GB left. ($66)
The rest of the money went towards motherboard, case, power supply and other little bits.

Runs everything on High in something like 1600x1200 resolution, well above 30 fps pretty much non stop. I've not had any noticeable frame drops. It's usually closer to 60 fps.

Go here to look up parts or prices. It's what I used.

Graphic Card requirements
SOE's list of all known Vid Cards, color coded for what meets, doesn't meet,or exceeds the games requirements.

2 short vid captures I made back in September (earlier in beta) with FRAPs, as an example of how it ran on my system. (these remind me of how much I love the sound effects in the game)

At the time, the game had a Youtube saver, but the quality was arse at the time.
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