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I will be at the game posting drive updates and trying to keep some stats rolling gotta figure has to b a finalist for the televised game this week even tho they were right down the interstate in Crowley last week we will see tho can't wait for them to suit up

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you're an idiot. good luck barbe grad

WM doesn't lose-- anyone seen the past 20 years?

41 points

Btw, I have no affiliation just want to see a good game.

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re: Barbe-WM game
If the heights/weights I saw were correct, Barbe's offense will stay on the sidelines all game. They better score everytime they get it. 230 across the DL vs this WM line...Cam might have 20 pancakes this game. WM will use ball control and shorten the game. No way Barbe scores 41. They very well might win, I'll give you that. I just feel pretty good about WM's chances now that I've seen Barbe's size.

As far as WM not being strong this year, depends on who you're comparing them to IMO. Are they a top 5 WM team? Nope. Are they stronger than last year, easily IMO. Better offensive line, better rushing attack, better back 7 on defense. The only way last year's team was better was the pass rush from the DE's that are at TCU now.
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