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re: Does ANYONE here have the vita?
I was considering getting one...someone convince me either way

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re: Does ANYONE here have the vita?
-has a Touch screen on front along w rear touch pad.
-It has apps on it do it almost like a mini tablet. Can get Facebook, YouTube and such.
-motion censored that goes into some game's gameplay. madden you aim your kicks by turning the vita up or down, MK some of the challenges you have motion interaction. One example is the level tilting or turning upside down and you have to tilt or shake go go back to normal while fighting.
-As I mentioned it has a rear and front cameras and Skype available.
-I can get on (web browser).
-It has a maps app on it.
-There's a "near me" app that shows everyone around you playing and what they at playing or have played.
-The camera is super high tech. I didn't really get too much into it but you can pretty much take a picture of anything that looks like a smiley face and it animates it. I tried it with a salt and pepper shaker & a candy bar and it would "talk" to me and change expressions and stuff.
-you can buy full games online in the store just like the PS3 or Xbox.
-some of the games you can play online against ppl while they're on their PS3.
-you can link to your ps3 and do stuff that I don't know about bc I don't have a PS3

Gameplay: hands down the best graphics of a hand held. Looks damn near like pS3/Xbox gameplay. 10/10 as far as graphics go.

as I said, it doesn't have the features of the regular games. Madden still has franchise mode and your star player mode and such, but not as in depth As far as customozations and stuff.

The CODBO's is the same as madden. Idk about the campaign but the online play just lacks some of the customization. A few less weapons but all of the good ones. Can customize your weapon packages but it's a little less than the regular games. (can't pick outfits and stuff).

I've had it for a week or so and I really haven't explored all the features like I should bc I've been playing the games but it's legit as frick. Maybe someone else can tell you more about the features I didn't touch up on.
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