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re: Car Insurance Premium age 25
Yes. The idea behind your policy limits is to have limits that are higher than the value of your shite after bankruptcy. So when you accidentally hit a guy who racks up a half million in medical bills, his options will be to accept your insurance policy limits from your insurer, or to personally go after your assets. I do this for a living, though fortunately I've never had to go after someone's house.

A $25k limit is barely above the state minimum. So if you have stuff worth taking, I would highly recommend you increase your limits. You'd be surprised in that the premium increase won't be as much as you probably think.

Also, make sure you have the matching UM policy (which you already do) in case it is you that is hurt.

*For comparison, my wife and I just bought a house for around $210k - we have 2 vehicles and a little money in the bank - I carry $500k limits and a $1M umbrella w/ UM coverage.
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re: Car Insurance Premium age 25
Thanks. That's a lot of good info. I will definitely take this into consideration as I plan on buying a house in the near future.

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