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re: New Case for PC Gaming Build.


Will i be able to hook up 5 fans to this power supply?

1 x Main connector (20+4Pin)
1 x 4+4 Pin EPS 12V
2 x PCI-E
5 x SATA
4 x Peripheral
1 x Floppy

Yes, you can buy a molex to 3-pin connector. Although you won't be able to control them. Then you will have fans screaming full speed @ 12V. If you are not purchasing a fan controller I suggest splitters for your case fans.

You do know you plug the fans into the MOBO fan headers?

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re: New Case for PC Gaming Build.


I was planning on buying this fan controller. I would use it for the 3 out take fans and just let the 2 intake fans run full speed.

Also where do i install that controller?

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