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Article on Rivers

SBNation has a write up on the development of Rivers.


Some good quotes from Monty


Before the game I asked Williams if Rivers has shown he can handle the responsibility that comes with getting 30 minutes a night


No," Williams said, matter of factly. "No 20 year-old is. Unless your first name is LeBron and your last name is James, I don't know who does handle that. That doesn't mean he's doing anything wrong. It's just part of the process. I don't care what family you come from or how talented you are when you get to this level, there is a learning curve that you cannot skill and he's going through that right now

Edit: also a real nice write up on David West with some more quotes from Monty

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re: Article on Rivers

Good write up. I'm hoping it all clicks for Austin before long. Love some DWest.

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re: Article on Rivers

The one thing makes me confident in Rivers is that he seems to be a hard worker which with how little experience he has is all I can ask for at this point

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re: Article on Rivers

I miss Captain West

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