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re: Why are Lousiana's beer/wine shipping laws so dumb?

That's what I was saying. Someone here use to sell it distributor wise. Not sure who has it now, but I was brought a proposal on it within the past year for prerelease on the Marilyn merlot and declined for the restaurant. However, I did remember churchills picking up some at that point in time. Always worth a shot at checking there.

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re: Why are Lousiana's beer/wine shipping laws so dumb?
I got a bottle from Calandro's in 2006/7 or so. Have not seen it since. Every time I find myself in a wine store/grocery store I look for it.

I don't care enough about it to harass wine store owners/managers about it.

All I really want to do is bitch about it because I can't buy it here.

This is the bottle I bought at Calandro's for about $10, it sells for $45 now. It just so happens to be the least attractive of the Norma Jeane variety:

Image: http://www.marilynwines.com/assets/images/products/pictures/IMG_2582.jpg

By contrast, the 2009 vintage sells for $110:

Image: http://www.marilynwines.com/assets/images/products/pictures/IMG_2586.jpg
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