Gregg Williams is a weasel |

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Gregg Williams is a weasel


I understand the nfl has him by the balls in terms of his career but this just reeks

Solid testimony roger...frick you

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re: Gregg Williams is a weasel

So he is reinstated and either not hired by any other team or the NFL finds any other excuse to ban him?

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re: Gregg Williams is a weasel

The guy isn't going to be hired as a DC ever again. He should easily have enough money to live VERY comfortably without ever working again. Even if the Saints did implement a pay-for-injury program (which I'm about 95% sure that they didn't), he'd be smarter not showing up.

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re: Gregg Williams is a weasel

This is just further evidence that GW's testimony has been coerced by the NFL.

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re: Gregg Williams is a weasel

So if the NFL caves in to Williams demands, that would mean Williams suspension would be shorter then Payton's. Without Williams, there is no pay for performance system. Its complete bull shite if the NFL gives in.

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