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Duck hunting etiquette - WWTOBD?
So this morning I was set up to on the bank of a local lake to shoot passing birds. Around 7:15 I hear voices drifting from the mouth of the cove, including some dumbass making gunshot sound affects. A mudboat then appears from the fog headed towards me loaded with people. I shine the spotlight towards them (even though it is daylight by now, but they do see me) and they keep coming on, eventually driving right in front of me and setting up around the bend in the back of the cove about 100 yds away. As the boat passes by I hear the lead moron talking about 'the Mojo.'

What would have been the proper response?

1 - Public water - deal with it.
2 - Shoot the boat
3 - Skybust everything for the rest of the morning
4 - Other?

Sometimes I really dislike other duck hunters.
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re: Duck hunting etiquette - WWTOBD?

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re: Duck hunting etiquette - WWTOBD?
its public water, not much you could do

it's a shame some hunters have no respect

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re: Duck hunting etiquette - WWTOBD?
I had a bank hunter that i found near where i was going on public water still before shooting time i eased over and chatted with him and talked him in to geting in the boat we went up river a short distance and had a good day, got him a few birds it all worked out

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re: Duck hunting etiquette - WWTOBD?

3 - Skybust everything for the rest of the morning

And act like a damn idiot to boot. I would make calls sounding like woody wood pecker and shoot at anyhting that was in sight.

If people don't respect you enough to get some distance then I sure as hell won't respect them.

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re: Duck hunting etiquette - WWTOBD?

It's the truth and it sucks

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re: Duck hunting etiquette - WWTOBD?
Had the same thing happen with some birdwatchers in a canoe. I was so very very close to putting a 3 1/2" shell across their bow.

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