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re: Dartmouth Society of Douchebags
I really don't care either way, but sometimes it helps to know what people who don't care have read/think
1. She helped plenty of people
2. She always made sure a camera was around
3. Biggest complaint I have heard is her friendliness with Dictators like Chavez in Venezuela. Seems like u were an okay Despot as long as u were a Catholic Despot and had a Catholic nation.

As I say, some people I have asked when talking about Mother Teresa had no idea some criticise her and think she is universally loved.

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re: Dartmouth Society of Douchebags
here's an interesting take from an atheist on the disdain for mother teresa...



No, the reason Teresa has been elevated by radical atheists above everyone else in the League Of Evil Religious Crackpots is because she’s an easy target. Today’s New Atheists, more interested in getting their religion-hating rocks off than in actually Enlightening anyone, love crusading against Teresa because she indulged in a so-unsophisticated and foreign form of Christianity. Religion in the Third World, with its old-fashioned figureheads and its sometimes desperate adherents, makes for a far easier, and far more fun, target than the subtle religious practices of modern Western society. For today’s campaigning atheists, the sight of a little old woman in an off-white habit providing hammocks for poor, wide-eyed Indians is too bizarre and backward to let pass by. And lacking the intellectual faculties and old-style atheistic humanity to explain such practices, they merely mock them, denounce them, laugh at them over their £3 lattes.

Indeed, much of the Teresa-baiting is aimed not at the woman herself, but at her thick and gullible followers. Hitchens described his book about Mother Teresa as an argument ‘not with a deceiver but with the deceived’, her ‘credulous and uncritical’ followers. ‘In the gradual manufacture of an illusion, the conjuror is only the instrument of the audience’, he said. A favourable review of Hitchens’ book, written while Mother Teresa was still alive in 1996, said ‘one can only be appalled by the lack of intellectual sophistication of her admirers who hold her in such high esteem and who seize upon her every asinine comment as a sign of her astuteness and philosophical depth’. This is not a serious or intellectual dismantling of the meaning, impact and structures of religion; it is fundamentally fun-poking at dumb Indians.

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