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re: X Factor (Fox) Season Long Discussion Thread
Ok I missed Wed and Thurs shows, so I am not gonna read ya'lls comments until after I see who sings and gets kicked off. Here's my thoughts on how everyone did:

Tate-pretty good but I still want him to go home
Diamond-WOW! her best live performance so far
Emblem 3-not my favorite of theirs but it was still pretty good and they are still super cute
Arin-wasn't feeling it. why not give him a chris brown slow jam? Demi's brutal critique
Cece-whoa she is off key from the get go. that story was heartbreaking. I guess it was hard for the judges to tell her it was a shaky performance after that video.
5th Harmony-fantastic job!
Beatrice-that was pretty dang good. Poor beatrice, I wish we could give her a consolation prize if she doesn't win
Vino- vino has a connection to the military because he was born 5 miles from a military base? oh and his grandfather was in the military? big whoop. I don't like the gansta moves he made while he sang Proud to be an American but it was a good vocal for sure.
Paige-singing one of my favorite Britney songs. a little shaky but started off pretty good. She might get bottom 2 again
Carly Rae-WOWOWOWOWOWWOWWOWOW She's in it to win it!!!

top two: Carly and 5th harmony
bottom two: Arin and Paige go home

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