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re: TCU 20 @ Texas 13 FINAL (Pics of TCU cheerleaders throughout)
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re: TCU 20 @ Texas 13 FINAL (Pics of TCU cheerleaders throughout)

We are a bunch of frickin pussies. How many times do we have to watch the visiting team get jacked up and taunt us as we come out of our own fricking tunnel? Just like the OU game if we come out first or second, OU is sitting there at midfield to talk shite while we prance around and don't do shite. Bunch of pussies. Bring back the gangstas that can't spell cat but will fricking try to murder everyone


Sick of this good ol boy, aw shux, soft, country club atmosphere. I want some pipe totin', bad boy thugs or country strong rednecks that eat these pillsbury doughboys for breakfast. Guys that need football to eat and get their family out of the sticks or hood ....not good family scholars. I want 3 star guys that had to make an effort in high school and didn't survive on talent alone...screw these upper 4s and 5s entitled pussies that can't take or deliver a hit because they were rarely touched in high school. Looks what the Ags, Frogs and other teams are doing with lesser talent. Son of a bitch! Oh yeah....and I want a damn coach that can channel this while keeping the hate. Is that too much to ask?

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