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re: Gruden turns down Arkansas; VOLS offer 8-yr deal worth "mind-blowing" amount

Originally Posted by sterlingpearling: Here is a note from one of friends who worked for Bob Lamonte (Gruden's agent) for three years, and recently left for another agency. I asked him to read the threads on the board and respond to me with his thoughts. He still actively talks to Bob (not often) and others in his office (daily). I don't have anything to add personally as I am not connected to anyone else including boosters, the search, or the AD. Hope this is helpful. "What you should know about Bob: He is the most ruthless coach's agent out there. He reps Andy Reid, Mike Holmgren, Josh Mcdaniels and about 80 others. He also represents Jon Gruden- whom he protects like a golden fetus. Every team that has done a deal with any of Bob's coaches has lived to regret the terms Bob negotiates- without exception. His belief is that coaches should have full control, long contracts, and big punitive punishment downside for meddling owners. This rarely works in practice, but Bob will enforce it, and sue if he has to. When UCLA and Michigan were interested in Jon, Bob sent them something he calls "The Minimum Requirements doc" which basically outlines the types of things Jon would need in a job. These "minimum requirements" are non-negotiable. They are also scary: 60mm in salary, 20mm buyout, full control of hiring and firing. No direct counsel with AD regarding hiring, firing or best practices etc. Both UCLA and Michigan walked away based on this document. There are literally things in this doc that are contrary to basic university governance, information flow, and access. They are a no go for any university board, and therefore things don't usually go far when colleges come calling for Jon. Here is an important point: No college or pro job has made it to Jon's desk in the last three years. They all stop at Bob. Ultimately, if someone is willing to say yes to Bob's document, then they can outline a deal offer, and Bob will take it to Jon. As of yesterday, the status is the same. No offer has gone to Jon. Last week, Arkansas tried to circumvent Bob, by not responding to the requirements doc. They instead sent an offer letter outlining a salary offer, assistant coaches budget, and some other perks. It was a big package (over 65mm). Bob did not respond. Tennessee has the Minimum Requirements doc in hand. They have not made an offer, nor expressed that they will go along with the basic terms. They have called Bob's office asking several questions. His assistant asked them to read and sign the doc, then Bob will answer questions. There have been no calls, visits, plane rides or anything else from boosters. The communication has been between the AD and Bob. Jon has been talking on television, getting driven around by his driver, having his nails done (true) and probably laughing at all the talk- if he even knows it is going on. Jon likes to hear other people talk about how "in demand" he is, and then claim he hasn't heard the rumors. Cute. Bob doesn't have a signed letter, and he won't be in on Friday. So- I can say with authority, there is not a deal, and will not be a deal this week. If they want to make a deal with the devil and sign the doc, they can start talking next week, but I would call that a long shot. Things you should know about Jon: If you do get a date with the dream boy, you should know these things: He is high maintenance. He does things his way. If you don't like it, you can sit, or walk. Jon is not a teacher. He does not like to interact with rookies, or even young guys unless they are absolute stars who can accelerate into pro-bowlers in three years. Even then, he doesn't teach them. He is a brilliant strategist, he is a genius at understanding scheme mismatches, and he surrounds himself with smart assistants (who traditionally are also not teachers). He is brilliant at using a specific type of quarterback to execute a very specific offensive strategy. He has a deep understanding of evaluating quarterback talent in the context of his system, and downside. He is also is a big believer in deep statistical analysis regarding player "value" based on years in the league, talent, and coach-ability. Every player is evaluated like a stock. When their "value" goes below a certain level, they are traded. Many people believe that Jon may be the best pro coach available if he is given the right talent. He has passed on pro job due to the existing QB, and the "stock profile" of the current rosters. Many analysts also believe his talents don't translate to college well. These are not message board football analysts. These are professional talent consultants who guide owners on acquiring coaches and players. None of my friends who know Jon personally think that he would be good in college either. Neither does Bob. One final note: Bob hates Saban. Saban hates Bob. They met when Nick was at LSU to discuss representation. They didn't hit it off to say the least. Bob wandered too far into joking about players being paid at MSU and LSU, and Nick didn't like it. Google Ralph Cindrich if you want to meet one of Bob's pals who also hates Nick even more. I have no idea whether Saban cheats by the way. I don't think he has to at this point, but that doesn't stop others from pointing. Part of me wonders if Bob would like to see Jon beat Nick. A larger part of me thinks he would not subject Jon to that because he believes Nick would crush him- often and well. Jon is an extension of Bob's ego, and will be until Jon falls. Bob is in no rush to see that happen. As for these characters on this site who say they have high up friends who are saying Jon is signed, it is not true. They may believe it, but it is not so. In closing, I can only say, be careful what you wish for as it may come true. if your university hires Jon, you will be making a bet that would wreck the program for a decade if it doesn't work. it could also work, but man that is a big "if". As for today, no one from UT will have access to Jon until they clear Bob. That has not happened as of yesterday at 6pm EST".

From a vol board.

That guy is a troll, use your brain.

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re: Gruden turns down Arkansas; VOLS offer 8-yr deal worth "mind-blowing" amount
he isnt coming get over it!!

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