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re: If you could have the National Debt cancelled

According to the Dems the budget was nearly balanced under Bill Clinton. I'm not trying to start that argument again, but lets say it was minimal. Clinton left office in 2001.

I'm laughing at your ignorance of the difference between a deficit and a debt.

Don't feel bad. The vast majority of Americans don't know the difference.

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re: If you could have the National Debt cancelled
I was clearly talking about the budget being balanced. I didn't say anything about the deficit in that statement. Just trying to say that they had a balanced budget at that point. Since that point they have more than doubled the national debt in just over 10 years.
Thus pointing out that even if you zero out the deficit without balanced budgets congress will have the deficit right back where it is in no time!

Please keep you useless judgedments on my intelligence to your self. You have no idea who I am or what I know.

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