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re: What is fundamentally "evil" about communism IYO?

I think it's quite obvious that communism was branded as evil by rich capitalists who had a lot to lose.

it's not about "rich capitalists," and the results show that. it's about the poorest of the poor, actually

luckily in retrospect we can observe some states that were broken into communist and free sides, and see the societal/economic results after decades of opposing rules

which state in the below comparisons benefited the poorest people more?

comparison 1: North Korea v. South Korea

comparison 2: West Germany v. East Germany

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re: What is fundamentally "evil" about communism IYO?
Communism has caused the deaths of roughly 200 million people since its inception

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re: What is fundamentally "evil" about communism IYO?
Fundamentally, government is the god.

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re: What is fundamentally "evil" about communism IYO?

Been reading up a lot about 20th century history, and the bits about the October Revolution, WWII's Hitler v. Stalin component, and the Cold War got me wondering about the Poliboard's views on the fundamental problems with communism.

The evils are:

The lack of individual freedom.

The lack of individual liberty.

The loss of choice.

The loss of individuals right to private property.

The destruction of personal responsibility.

The long term destruction of hope.

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re: What is fundamentally "evil" about communism IYO?
Haven't read this thread because it's too long. But two random observations:

Old Russian saying: "We pretend to work, the govt pretends to pay us."

Neal Boortz: "When I visited a journalist in the USSR he took me to a series of shops. One was a bakery, one had meat, another had vegetables. The reason they weren't contained all in one supermarket was to maintain jobs. Labor intensive.

When he and his wife returned the visit to my home in Atlanta, Ga. I took them to supermarket. Their eyes lit up. The wife said 'this must be a place where only the govt officials can shop.'

I said 'no, this place is for anyone.'

She started to tear up and said 'I had no idea that such a place could exist.'"

You and I call it Krogers.

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