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re: North or South Louisiana high school football?

That's nothing more than your opinion and I certainly don't agree with it.

Which is all you have provided with no basis in fact. I love it when ignorant fricking WM alums give their OPINION about the "Northside". So off-base its not even funny.


Doesn't mean anything.

It means he's well respected by everyone and everyone loves him. It'll be a sad day when Rankdawg retires. He would've been principal a long time ago if he had the academic qualifications.


We'll see how things go if Neville ever gets both a black principal and black football coach.

Well since the principal and the football coach are both highly successful and relatively young that's not going to happen for a while.


The black student population probably has a lot more to do with it

Typical quote and opinion from a rebel. The white student population is growing even as the city is getting smaller. Kids are leaving St Freds and other private schools and coming to Neville.


Bad comparison considering WM is not a part of MCSS and doesn't have as large a black population

I wonder why that is. Are you saying that because WM is majority white that a black principal or football coach shouldn't be hired? You have a black basketball coach so why can't you have the other 2 as well?

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re: North or South Louisiana high school football?
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