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re: Hobby Lobby Denied Obamacare Waiver

As someone with a moral objection to contraception I'm really troubled by this. I keep trying to imagine what I'd do if I were put in their situation and I just can't come up with any kind of viable solution that isn't terrible.

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re: Hobby Lobby Denied Obamacare Waiver

Hobby Lobby is a corporation... i.e. a public accommodation. They should be forced to follow the law regardless of their religion

I guess you hate the constitution, which says:


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

I also notice how you say they should be forced. You hate freedom.

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re: Hobby Lobby Denied Obamacare Waiver
Does Hobby Lobby pay 100% of their employees' premiums? If so, then they should be able to choose what kind of insurance coverage to provide. But, if employees are paying portions of their own premiums, it shouldn't matter what the owners of the company believe.

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re: Hobby Lobby Denied Obamacare Waiver
There is nothing right about a government forcing a private entity of any kind into a private contract and this is a very good example why.

I would encourage Hobby Lobby to lay everybody off and hire them back full time.

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