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re: North or South Louisiana high school football?
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re: North or South Louisiana high school football?

I've always been very concerned about what would happen to the enthusiasm of the northside(white) Neville community if they were to get a black head football coach and black principal........and how more white flight from the school would change the northside. I've got to give to the Neville alumni and business community for supporting the school and football program to prevent it from going the way Wossman went thus far.

Both of Neville's #2 and #3 administrators are black and nobody would have a problem with either one of them being principal. Both have been at the school 25-30 years. The #3, Coach Rankins, has been there since the early 70's and was the first black teacher at Neville. Those 2 are the disciplinarian's and are a huge reason the school is run so well.

This whole white-flight BS has had little to zero effect on Neville at all. When I was in school 15 years ago the demographics were about 70-30 black to white. Since then our enrollment has increased and the demographics have trended toward an equal split. It will continue that way once Neville goes Charter and is out of the hands of the MCSB. The MCSB and their BS is what's keeping alot of parents from sending their kids to Neville.

I too wonder what would happen if WM were to hire a black principal or HC but I don't think I have to worry about that happening anytime soon. Heads would roll.

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re: North or South Louisiana high school football?
I've heard multiple stories as to what happened. The most believable one for me was the one that involved the backup QB and his father, who was also an assistant coach...and then on top of that, throw in the mom and it was a cluster of bad intentions gone wrong.

Mom and Dad thought their boy should have been playing more than he was. Mom raises some eyebrows by saying, "if her boy didn't get more playing time, then wouldn't none of them be playing". She then proceeded to bring up the question about a players eligibility for Fall sports, due to grades from summer school not being filed properly, or something of that nature.

Everything blows up in their face and Rayville is told they can't participate in the playoffs, assistant coach and his son leave Rayville and enroll in Neville, if I'm not mistaken. Bo steps down and goes to Caldwell...Rayville has regressed years because of it.

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