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re: X Factor (Fox) Season Long Discussion Thread
Watching the tape.

Tate was okay. I like that song, but didn't love the performance.

Diamond White brought her game tonight. I thought she was awesome. Big step up. I got teary eyed. Good job on picking that song.

EmblemThree was just okay. Nothing special this week.

Arin did a nice job. Nothing outstanding. I agree with Arin. He does need to him. He does need to do upbeat songs. He can't do those slow tunes well. Not sure he'll get another shot, though. I think he goes this week.

Did Khloe pump up her lips some more? She looks strange and is even more annoying. I think someone is in her ear telling her every move to make. I'll be thankful when she gets canned.

Cece, once again, looks like cross between a bad Marilyn Monroe impersonator and street walker. Sheesh, the start of the song was awful and pitchy as hell. She hit some big notes but this was another train wreck for me. I wasn't moved at all and I'm a marshmallow. She needs a dye job back to brunette. The judges must have ear problems. Sheesh. This is so damn produced. The show wants her to stay. Oh we'll.

Fifth Harmony-I don't know. It was good but not as good as I think they could have done it. I think they could have had bigger moments.

Is Khloe supposed to be talking her faves? I think not. I like Carly Rose too, but please.

Beatrice was much better than last week. I like her voice. I think she bought another week, but I agree that she should do something different. I'd like to see her do something else.

Vino was very good. I didn't think his spin arse as great as the judges thought but its pretty hard not to feel that song. He's definitely safe and a contender. He'll get the patriotic vote this week for sure.

Not sure Paige dug herself out. It wasn't a great performance. Better than Cece, though. Wrong song in my opinion. No wow moments.

Carly Rose- I got chills during the first notes and they got worse as the song went on. She just made mincemeat out of everyone else. I love the song anyway. Fabulous! Best version ever and I've heard it a lot. I want to rewrite my notes above.

I swear Khloe's lips are so pumped that she can't keep them together. They're pulling toward her nose.

I typed this on my phone so I probably have typos everywhere. Tough noogs.

Now, going to read y'all's posts not that they matter.

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re: X Factor (Fox) Season Long Discussion Thread
My two favorites: Carley Rose and Beatrice.

Carley because Dear God that girl can sing. If reincarnation is in any way possible, she is, because nobody can sing that well at 13.

Beatrice had me at Titanium in the Judges Homes. I kind of wish she was mentored by somebody else though as I never like the songs Britney gives her. She won't win, but I love her voice.

On to ranting for my first post in this thread:
-I really found Demi like able at first, but she sort of got annoying there for a bit. When she cut Jillian(the bullied girl) for CeCe I vowed to watch her team go down in flames.
And it is, lol.
- Khloe is annoying on this show and has no idea where the cameras are while interviewing people.
- Paige Thomas is hot, but not a good singer. And can we please see her cry just one more time? Everyone is worried about the 13 year olds not being able to handle the pressure of all this, but Paige breaks down literally every week on camera and nobody includes her in the 'fragile' category.
-Arin Ray is fricking awful. Ok, he's not that bad, but he's a complete Chris Brown ripoff with worse vocals. Not sure why the judges loved him so much this whole season.
-Emblem3 is actually one of my favorites, but does anyone else think the blond one(the non-related one) looks more and more like a lesbian every week?

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re: X Factor (Fox) Season Long Discussion Thread
We agreed on almost everything gris

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re: X Factor (Fox) Season Long Discussion Thread
Cece is trolling. She absolutely sucks on the first night and then kills it on the second night. Do I think she can win it all? No. But she's better than Paige. Poor Beatrice. Hope she wins this.
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