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re: BLOPS 2 K/D updates and stories
You are in no waaaaaaaaaaaay shape or form a 2.0 player, much less a 3.0.

Keep dreaming.

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re: BLOPS 2 K/D updates and stories
i'm sitting at 1.92 1.02 w/l i play with randoms, which is why my w/l is always in the .50 to .70 range. I get stuck in games where it's 185 to 65 in dom.

Noticed a guy in lobby had a k/d of 4.35. And noticed his win/loss is .19 I figured this is a gimmicky, kill whore, who does not play objectives.

We'll, he has spots where he can head glitch for kills, and tried so desperately to head glitch to big games, but to no avail, i stuck a couple of symtex to him and he ran from the lobby.

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re: BLOPS 2 K/D updates and stories
I said I avg 3.0 last night, bringing me up from sub 1.0 to 1.2.

Your just mad because your numbers are down.

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