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re: It's that time again Steam sale going on now
Steam, looks like sale price of $12.49. It's 5 episodes, so far around 90-120 minutes per episode through the first two with some looking around.

Not a ton of gameplay, it's mainly making the choices as you go through the story, and things change based on your decision. It's well done to the point I'm at so far, and I haven't watched the Walking Dead show at all (in case there was thoughts of needing that info to enjoy it).

Likely not doing a great job of explaining it. I'd look up a let's play on Youtube of the first episode and watch a bit of it to see if it'd be your thing. It's enjoyable for me so far.

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re: It's that time again Steam sale going on now
Almost bought XCOM but I have other games to play until the Xmas sale in a month when it will be cheaper.

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