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Klark Kent
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re: BLOPS 2 K/D updates and stories


PS. anyone use the helicopter or something that follows you??? did it kill you? it kept killing me, and it was my own kil lstreak(out of box)

played a CTF round last night where I got it in a care package.

It was against a "MLG" CTF clan. 1st round they won 1-0. 2nd round was 0-0 with a minute left when i got the helicopter.

I start running to their spawn for their flag. I throw smoke down. Sprint towards the flag. It mows down 2 of them. I make my way back to the side of the map we held down. 15 seconds left. 3 enemies pop out of no where. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. They disappear.

I get to our spawn safe, but run out of time for the cap.

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J Murdah
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re: BLOPS 2 K/D updates and stories

1.1 k/d for me

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