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401K Question

Will be quitting my job soon, how long do I have to invest my 401k elsewhere? Also what's the penalty/taxes if I just keep it?

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re: 401K Question

Roll it over into a self-directed IRA. Or, you can leave your 401k there forever. Just don't take the money-in-hand.

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re: 401K Question

How long – I believe you can leave the money in the current plan unless your company has some rules limiting you.

No penalty or taxes to keep it there.

However, if you do take it out, and I would, do a direct rollover into an IRA. Use one of the major firms (I have mine with Vanguard and Fidelity) and they will take care of it for you. You do not want the funds sent to you. The payment should go directly to them. The primary reason you should move it to an IRA is that you will have many more choices than what is offered in your 401K.

Last point - don’t be too quick to move it if your employer pays into it based on some sort of end of year profit sharing type plan. At one time my employer would contribute an extra amount if the company had a good year.

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re: 401K Question


Where would you invest the funds for your self-directed IRA?

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re: 401K Question

The force out provisions allow them to rollout to an IRA any amounts below $5,000 and cashout any amounts below $1,000. They are required to give you 30 days notice.

Also the plan has to have adopted these provisions.

Any amount above 5k you can leave as long as you want.

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