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re: The Ultimate Arrested Development Quote Thread

Tobias: I know you're the big marriage expert around here... oh wait, I'm sorry, I forgot, your wife is dead. Ha!

that was always one of my favorites

Michael: Is this about the money?
Gob: No.
Michael: What do you want?
Gob: I mean, it's not about money in the sense that I'm coming here saying, "Here, Michael. Take some money." It's just more of a "may I have some" kind of visit.

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re: The Ultimate Arrested Development Quote Thread
Tobias: My wife is humiliated. This is my chance to right the small wrong that I did.
Michael: You shot her in the arse with about four ounces of horse tranquilizer.
Tobias: I haven’t been the perfect husband — yes, I admit that. But now is my chance to be a hero.

Lindsay: That's the first time we were in the shower since our honeymoon.
Tobias: And this time, no tears!
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re: The Ultimate Arrested Development Quote Thread
Tobias enters and sees Maeby at the last second: You selfish counttttry music loving lady.

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