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re: Grinnell's Jack Taylor scores 138


My AAU basketball team wanted to run the Grinnell offense against one of the worst teams in the league one time...

You have to take a 3 within like 5secs of crossing halfcourt or some ridiculous shite like that


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re: Grinnell's Jack Taylor scores 138

Sometimes referred to as the anti-Princeton offense, “The System” emphasizes a torrid pace of play where offensive possesions last about 5 seconds and typically end with a three-pointer.

The Grinnell defense is a chaotic, full-court trap that either forces an immediate turnover or degenerates into that 3-on-2, 2-on-1 drill you practice right after you forget how to do the three-man weave.

It’s so chaotic, Arseneault has to use platoons, substituting all five players every 45 seconds to keep legs fresh.

The closest comparison is Nolan Richardson’s 40 Minutes of Hell mixed with a cage full of badgers—in front of a tennis ball machine.

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re: Grinnell's Jack Taylor scores 138


dead serious. You have to shoot a 3 within 5secs, apply full court pressure the entire game with lots of traps, and you sub in 5 new players every minute or something to keep your legs fresh.

our coach wouldn't let us run it

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