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Official Planetside2 thread
~ this is all taken from SA. They are good and posting and I am not ~

It’s the game you’ve been waiting to play your entire life. It’s the game you imagined but never thought would be possible: A tight, brutal first-person shooter throwing thousands of players into endless battle across whole continents. A completely free MMO with the highest production values of any game in its genre, ever. Incredibly deep RPG-style customization, with hundreds of class-redefining gear options, abilities, weapon and vehicle upgrades for almost any role you can imagine: the fighter pilot, the dropship jockey, the treadhead, the stealth hunter-killer, the heavy infantry slayer, the commander leading hundreds or a single tight-knit platoon, and on and on. Just over a month into beta, most of the guns, vehicle enhancements, and wargear are still to be unlocked (yet more are added every patch); still the game is so good it’s become hard for many goons to stomach playing anything else.

I've seen tank columns blitz across rolling dunes to outflank the enemy, deploy into siege mode, and slaughter hundreds of infantry with massed artillery; mech troopers burn and blast paths of carnage with flamethrowers, chainguns, and mega-shotguns through mile-high domed artificial jungles; jetpack teams hunt hapless snipers along the craggy ravines beneath the Crown; hundreds fight to a standstill in meatgrinder base sieges until a skilled platoon turns the tide.

I've also seen 10-odd coordinated goons from these very forums hold surrounded outpost compounds deep in hostile territory against entire outfits, despite all the bombers, dropships, armor, and troops at the enemy’s disposal.

The head developer is a fricking goon, and his team has implemented every good balance idea put forward so far; here’s a video of Higby explaining the game.

I can say without reservation that this is the best game I’ve ever played, and it’s only in beta.

Planetside 2 will feature an ingame cash shop where you can buy cosmetic items, shortcuts (like experience boosters and extra resources) as well as sidegrades for your weapons. You will not pay to win. You will pay to make your gunship look like a flying frickin pimp wagon.

Full OP with images and links
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re: Official Planetside2 thread
Hopefully going to play later tonight

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re: Official Planetside2 thread
downloading atm.... been waiting for release since i first played during beta a month or so ago. Excited.

What empire you'll play btw? I'm sitll trying to pick.

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re: Official Planetside2 thread
Currently watching the tutorial videos. Wanting to jump in.

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re: Official Planetside2 thread
I play TR on Waterson

It's pretty fun, although there are huge swings in who is winning and who's getting annihilated. One second you have 80% of the map and in the next 20 minutes you have hardly any

Plus guns feel a little weak. It takes about 12-15 shots to kill someone (at least for heavy assault)

Cert acquirement feels a little slow. Some of the weapons cost 1000 certs... a bit ridiculous imo
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