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re: How I Met Your Mother Season 8 full season thread
Watched it earlier today and i really liked it until the last 10 seconds

It wasnt even that they kissed, it just ended awkwardly (Barney like mouth raped her, then she ran away and it ende on that ). And we know theyre getting together, stop trying to stretch it out, just do it already.

Another thing that i used to really like but now its just getting annoying is the "But well get to that later...". They do this like every other episode now and its lost the fun of it and im justlike No douchebag, hurry this shite up im tired of waiting, put it out of its misery already

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re: How I Met Your Mother Season 8 full season thread
I liked the episode more than most this season, though I do agree with you guys on some things. It was a very awkward and abrupt ending. I watched it online today was definitely expecting the episode to continue after that.

Another thing I disliked - I hate whenever Ted says "oh but we'll get to that later." He did it tonight when talking about Marshall and his trial. It has happened so often that it's very annoying to me.

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