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I've researched the average salary of what my position makes and I make well less than the mean .
"Average salary" means nothing . . . unless you're average.

In reality, you're attempting assessment of your value as an employee, or your potential value to other companies.
Nothing more.
Nothing less.

6 months in, I'd be dubious as to the accuracy of an employee's self-assessment FWIW. Does not mean your situation is not unique though. If you're assuming some entitled compensation in this economy, you're making a mistake.

Before you approach your employer, I'd recommend testing the market. See what actual opportunities are out there for you in your field. If there are none. Now is the time to count blessings for your current job.

OTOH, if you find IAW the data you've cited that you're being undervalued in your present situation, go after the raise. If under those circumstances it is not forthcoming, change employers.

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re: When / how to ask for a raise

the bigger issue to me is not having any kind of benefits. being underpaid and not having any benefits is a much worse position than just being underpaid.

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