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re: So "neck" was banned for profanity coming from the student section, but

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re: So "neck" was banned for profanity coming from the student section, but
its funny because people clearly don't understand college students and how the think and act

if people wouldn't have made a big deal of it at first, never banned the song, the chant would have probably died out on its own after a season or two

but the more articles written about it, the more it is brought up and people say how "bad it is", and the more the admins ban songs to try and stop it the more they are going to "rebel" and chant it louder and infuse it into other songs

just ignore it and let college students be college students

it isn't unique to LSU or this current generation in any way

ETA: a perfect example would be the "and beat the shite out of them, bitch!" after the first down cheer. completely gone now and no one had to do anything, just new students come in and create their own chants and old ones die off

the best way to deal with it is to ignore it, and the rest of the stadium just cheer louder. no one has a problem with the "kick their ass!" at the end of the first down chant because the rest of the stadium yells "L-S-U!"

if everyone else would just chant "talkin out the side of your neck" at the same time as the students, they would have never had to ban the song, the students would have eventually gotten sick of it/it would have died out with a couple new freshman classes coming in and all the problems would be solved

instead we have old people bitching about college students, and college students "rebelling" against the system and the old people
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