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re: When / how to ask for a raise


Like some have said...why in the hell did you accept the job being paid under the mean?

If it was b/c of lack of experience you still don't have the experience.

I find this thread of interest to me. I accepted my job well under the mean, due to it being my first job out of college, and I had to learn the technology. Now that I am a year in, I am expecting to bargain to get closer to the mean. Did I screw up by starting out so low? Or did I follow a protocol similar to several, where I took what I could get?

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re: When / how to ask for a raise
This was my first real job out of college and it was far more than I had ever made . I'm not living pay check to pay check , I'm completely independent , but the fact is is that I know I'm underpaid and over qualified . Not being arrogant , there are plenty who feel this way reading this . Point of this thread was to seek advice on when and how to ask for a raise since I've never been in the position in my life to go for it .

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