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re: I'm boycotting Superior Grill


I was headed to work yesterday morning. I work around the corner. It's not bad for lunch or a margarita after work. I've been a loyal customer since they moved to BR from Shreveport, despite the fact that the prices are too high and the food has gone downhill. But to the d--k head in the black King Ranch Ford Pickup who gunned it in the left lane (I was doing 40 in the right lane)to pass me coming off Jefferson just to turn into the parking lot,

Haven't read this thread but maybe you explained how this caused you to boycott a restaurant because it doesn't make any sense.

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re: I'm boycotting Superior Grill

If that was your desired "hope", maybe you shouldn't have posted in it 5 times?

True. Should have known logic wouldn't have ended it.

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re: I'm boycotting Superior Grill
First of all I drive a Toyota tundra black truck with sticker on rear glass

Second your slow driving arse shouldn't have raced me at the light in your little crap car. The the king ranch is one of my buddies trucks I borrowed that week while he used mine to drive to Birmingham, Alabama. His truck was parked in back bc I parked in back when I use his massive truck.

Third we go there daily, it's not tex-mex and its fabulous Mexican cuisine. If you find fault in my driving capabilities, call dept of defense and dept of state and question the many driving schools if excelled at and taught to protect our highest profile diplomats and dignitaries in high threat environments. Sorry your weanie car couldn't handle my buddies turbo diesel. To complain on the Internet is dumb. Go talk directly to person you have conflict with instead of whining like a turd on here.

Fourth.... In management?? Really? Your super sleuth detective skills gave you that idea? Stick to your grocery bagging skills and go package my fries at McDonald's.

P.s...... My lawn mower will eat your little car

Nahhh, act an ass

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