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Atchafalaya crawfish questions

does anybody have any links to atchafalaya crawfish harveting #s?

i have found a article from a year or so ago that said it is roughly 10 million pounds and makes up 95% of what comes out of Louisiana. LINK

somehow that just doesn't seem right.. and it may be right, i don't know...

any info will be appreciated..

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re: Atchafalaya crawfish questions

95% seems high. Too many crawfish ponds heading up I-49 for 95% to be taken out of the Atchafalaya Spillway. But the Spillway is pretty big so who knows.

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re: Atchafalaya crawfish questions

no. that number is from many years ago. now a laaarge portion comes from rice ponds

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re: Atchafalaya crawfish questions

The 95% number might be high.

Contact the Louisiana Department of Ag & Forestry. I'll bet they have some data on pond crawfish production.

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re: Atchafalaya crawfish questions

Pretty much the opposite. Too long to read but if you scroll down to the 1st page of writing (7th page of document)you'll see. Also, the page after is a graph showing "wild" vs. "farmed".


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