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Stubb's - Hickory Bourbon

People have tossed around love for Stubb's here so I thought I'd pick up my first bottle. I found the hickory bourbon to be too sweet for my taste, almost like a sweet/sour sauce.

Should I forgo the Stubb's or is there a better flavor? If not, I'm reverting back to Sweet Baby Ray's when I don't make my own sauce.

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re: Stubb's - Hickory Bourbon
I like to blend Stubb's spicy with Sweet Baby Ray's... now that's a good sauce.

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re: Stubb's - Hickory Bourbon
Stubb's Spicy is the best

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re: Stubb's - Hickory Bourbon
Stick with Stubb's spicy or Stubb's original. Their other offerings that I've tried all fall way short of those two. By far the best bottled BBQ sauces imo.

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re: Stubb's - Hickory Bourbon
Stubb's Spicy or Original are awesome.

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re: Stubb's - Hickory Bourbon
Their charcoal is fantastic too.

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re: Stubb's - Hickory Bourbon
I am partial to The Salt Lick's spicy BBQ sauce.

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