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re: Official BLOPS II Gripe Thread


Theater mode won't work for me. I get a UI Error.

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re: Official BLOPS II Gripe Thread

awesome gif. over my head. please explain.

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re: Official BLOPS II Gripe Thread

2 games, 2 freezes tonight. WTF

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re: Official BLOPS II Gripe Thread

Game is fricking terrible. frick this.

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re: Official BLOPS II Gripe Thread

My gripes:

Spawn points are ridiculous. I don't know the maps yet, but when I spawn and get shot two seconds later, that's a problem with the spawn system. Several times it wasn't even two seconds...literally was shot immediately after I spawned.

Agreed with hg that I keep getting hit markers on people and then they shoot me dead. Not sure how that keeps happening, but it does. Connection maybe?

I actually agree that the graphics feel REALLY cartoonish. It's hard to explain, but that's the best way I can.

Something is different from all CoDs before with the movement. It's almost like it's more fluid, but in a bad way. Again, hard to explain. But I imagine once I get used to it that could change.

Connection issues (getting into games). Keep trying to get into TDM and it puts us into a Custom lobby (9v9). Also froze me a couple times...once I had the black screen with the IP address at the top right, and I couldn't do shite. It wasn't frozen, per se, cuz I could still hear the music and shit, but I couldn't even bring up my Xbox button menu. And nothing happened when I hit the power button either...really weird. Finally hit eject and that worked.

I dunno, I definitely plan to give this game a shot, but after playing it for an hour (in which I played about 2 whole, actual games and got booted a bunch more times) or so, I am damn near hating it so far.

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