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re: Louisiana secession petition hits the mark


Yal really think the military would side with BO and his idiots, have yall been watching the news. We have a volunteer army dont forget that, listen to BO and attack your family, I think most would not. And yes, they wouldn't shut down the river or turn off the spigots but the US would have to start paying for it instead of charging for it.

So what would you do with ALL the people in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Dallas, Houston, El Paso, San Antonio, etc that don't want to secede? You won't be able to remove them forcibly. I promise you that. And you better believe the U.S. Govt will supply them with weapons to fight back, we're known for doing that.

ETA: And those people aren't AFRAID to die. The lil kids grow up knowing they'll probably get murdered by the age of 21.
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re: Louisiana secession petition hits the mark
Theoretical you dip shite and you call us dumb. And who said anything about fighting.

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