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re: Another thousand uncounted ballots appear in Florida

This election was so rigged it isnt even funny.


However, Ohio has yet to finish counting its provisional ballots, along with some mail ballots that were postmarked before Election Day but had yet to reach their precincts.

That could add about 325,000 ballots to the state’s total, bringing turnout there close to its 2008 levels. In Pennsylvania, there may be more of a true decline, although about two dozen precincts in Philadelphia had yet to report their results as of Monday morning.

As the rest of the votes come in from California, Mr. Obama could add about 700,000 more votes in his margin against Mr. Romney, assuming that the remaining votes are divided between the candidates in about the same proportions as the ones counted so far.

Those votes could be enough to push Mr. Obama’s margin of victory in the national popular vote, reported at 2.7 percent as of Monday morning, to slightly higher than 3 percent.

Just because votes haven't been counted doesn't mean they're all for Romney.

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re: Another thousand uncounted ballots appear in Florida
I still don't see how some states are still using paper ballots, especially after the fiasco in 2000.

Louisiana is waaaay ahead of the curve when it comes to running elections, compared to other states.

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