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re: Louisiana secession petition hits the mark


I'm not saying I am on board for this so pump the brakes there pal. I am simply pointing out that LA moving forward with this would severly hurt the US.

you guys who think that the US would EVER let LA close down the Mississippi river are crazy. And stupid.

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re: Louisiana secession petition hits the mark
I don't think you understand just what a keystone louisiana is. We control 1/4 of the total natural gas reserves. Nearly all of it flows through just a series of pipelines that run to the northeast through the state. ALL of America's coffee comes through New Orleans. Nearly ALL foreign oil comes through New Orleans or Houston. Just on my own property in South Louisiana, there is a pipeline, though which 1/8 of our natural gas supplies flow. I, just me by myself, could sabotage that one line and watch New England freeze to death. Louisiana would be THE power broker of the world. Throw in Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma and you have an energy alliance that would dominate the other 46 remaining states' energy supplies. Without those states, the country quickly gets very dark and very cold.

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