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re: Another thousand uncounted ballots appear in Florida
Moral of the story: Florida is still a clusterfrick.
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re: Another thousand uncounted ballots appear in Florida

Moral of the story: the U.S.A. is still a clusterfrick.

how can you appreciate a system in which each vote doesn't matter? elections are determined on projections and the loser concedes prior to every vote being counted. then, most places stop counting the votes.

Why can't we just let every vote be counted, then decide who won?

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re: Another thousand uncounted ballots appear in Florida
Since the MSM isn't reporting the facts:

West is up by 2000 votes at 12:30. The Democrat county election supervisor announces that she recounted the early voting before Nov. 1 and tha added 4500 votes for West's opponent.

These were early votes. Should have been counted and recounted days before the election. West complains.

Election Supervisor announces on Sunday (2 days ago) all the early votes will be recounted starting 7 am.

West and his team show up. She says, "We're just recounting Nov 1-3."

"What about the early voting where you vote 4500 votes?"


nov 1-3 is recount. 530 more West votes appear and the gap is now 2,000.

Wear is in court asking all the early voting to be recounted.

(This new 1000 vote find is for a different county, but shows the incompetence and/or fraud.)

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