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Another thousand uncounted ballots appear in Florida

Seven days after the election ended, and two days after the results were unofficially certified, Broward elections workers Monday said they had found 963 unaccounted-for ballots in a warehouse.
They were put in the wrong place, members of the Broward County Canvassing Board were told on Monday.
"How can you lose them? This is terrible,'' said Dania Beach candidate Chickie Brandimarte, whose close race won't be called until at least Tuesday.


Meanwhile in the Wesr election around 17,000 votes were recounted and Wesr picked up 500 votes. County is refusing to recount the rest.


Wonder where the military ballots went?

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re: Another thousand uncounted ballots appear in Florida
Moral of the story: Florida is still a clusterfrick.
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re: Another thousand uncounted ballots appear in Florida
And people scoffed at the UN for sending in observers

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re: Another thousand uncounted ballots appear in Florida
Regardless of who the fraud may or may not benefit, the fact that it could so easily be fixed and is not is what is truly sad. Districts in OH have more registered voters than residents. No problem, nothing to see here.

Issue every voter ID/Voter card they have to present to vote. Dont have your card? Then you have to prove your residency in that precinct via drivers license and/or bills, something else. Ill gladly wait a few more mins when voting if it means we are making sure that only people who can vote are voting.

And really, why in 2012 are we still using paper ballots? If the "cloud" is safe enough to do all of our commerce in, would it really be too crazy to switch everything to electronic voting machines? No recounts, "hanging chads", etc.

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re: Another thousand uncounted ballots appear in Florida
Wow. I can't believe Florida would frick up an election.

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